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Welcome on the official web page of Rebel Warrior vs Nains De Jardin !

Rebel Warrior vs Nain De Jardin Logo

Main development project page is hosted on GNA! Look here for information.

  • The migration was completed to GNA! ... The web site you're looking at was moved to Nerim due to our need for PHP.
  • The mailing list for development is at GNA!, as is the CVS.
  • If you're looking about information on how to help the project, you should consider making C++ code, working on 3D models, on textures, or building a level.Look at this page for more information
  • We have chosen to set ourfirst generated level in the ambiant of a "Gold Mine", like the ones of the far west ! show us your skills in modeling to make objects for such an environment.

  • A CVS is up and running at tuxfamily !
  • You'd like to prove yourself in helping to build an automativ dungeon génération system ? Join-us NOW !!
  • We're still in need for beta-testers ! Join our mailing-list on, project rwvsndj !
  • Want to make models of weapons and see them inserted into a 3D game ? At Rebel Warrior's, it's possible !

  • About
    Rebel Warrior vs Nains de Jardin est un jeu open-source en GPL.